Habibi, Amor Mío

Director Luis Gómez Valdivieso


Luis Bacalov Habibi, Amor Mío

Young Stefano falls in love with a Spanish girl, Habibi. The two get engaged, but after a happy period, Stefano discovers the girl’s betrayals. This will lead the protagonists to drift apart and seek new paths; this will be an opportunity for them to reflect on themselves and the loss of values in life.

Genre drama

Stefano Patrizi: Stefano
Lilli Carati: Habibi
Leonora Fani: Martina
Massimo Ranieri: Franco
Fabio Traversa: Claudio
Simón Andreu: Simone
Stefania Casini: Francesca
Roberto Camardiel: Habibi’s father
Franco Fabrizi: Stefano’s father
Victor Cavallo: Vittorio

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov