Stella’s Favor

(Mi Fai un Favore)

Director Giancarlo Scarchilli


Luis Bacalov Ornella Muti Mi fai un favore

Stella lives in Rome alone (her parents are upstairs), works as a waitress in a trattoria but does not feel fulfilled and would like to be an actress. Her friend Roberta also has the same ambitions but they are sometimes afraid to confess to each other. One day Stella finds out she is expecting a child with Leonardo, the boy she has a relationship with and who, working in Milan, is only with her at weekends. At first Stella thinks about terminating the pregnancy without telling anyone. Then it happens that Stefania, a girl she met at an audition, leaves her baby daughter Claudia in her care. By being an unwilling mother, Stella is able to better understand children, their fragility, delicacy, difficulties, but also the beauty of raising them. After this experience, and after revealing the situation to both Leonardo and her parents, Stella decides to carry the pregnancy to term, having more confidence in herself and in others.

Genre comedy

Ornella Muti: Stella
Maria Amelia Monti: Roberta
Claudio Bigagli: Leonardo
Jo Champa: Stefania
Alessandro Gassmann: Rodolfo
Franco Interlenghi: Mario, Stella’s father
Marisa Merlini: Amelia, Stella’s mother

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov