Un amour interdit

Director Jean-Pierre Dougnac


Luis Bacalov Un amour interdit

Piachi, an old and wealthy Italian gentleman grieving over the loss of his son who died of the plague, decides to adopt Nicolò, an orphan alone in the world. Together with the old man lives Elvira, his second wife, who married him while keeping in her heart the memory of an unfortunate love affair of adolescence. Nicolò grows up bright and intelligent in the new family, showing affection and gratitude. But the drama arrives punctually when Nicolò, now an adult and heir to his adoptive father’s wealthy estate, commits a series of foolish acts that will bring him to complete ruin.

Genre drama

Brigitte Fossey: Elvire
Fernando Rey: Piacchi
Saverio Marconi: Nicolo/Colino
Agostina Belli: Zaveria
Emmanuelle Béart: Constanza

Soundtrack Luis Bacalov