Con Te Sulla Spiaggia – Mi Devi Credere

Nico Fidenco


Luis Bacalov Nico Fidenco Con Te Sulla Spiaggia Mi Devi Credere

Lyrics and music Nico Fidenco, Mogol, Nino Tassone

Arrangements Luis Bacalov

Fidenco’s seaside strand, inaugurated almost unintentionally with ‘Legata a un granello di sabbia’ (which was to be presented at Sanremo and ended up becoming a classic summer song), continued with other songs (‘Goccia di mare’, ‘La voglia di ballare’), but the one that was most successful and is still remembered by all today is undoubtedly ‘Con te sulla spiaggia’.
It is a light song, a twist well arranged by maestro Enriquez: to counterbalance the lead vocalist appears this time a cheeky female chorus, which vocalises a very catchy tune at the beginning of each verse. Edoardo Bennato, almost thirty years later will quote this tune in his ‘Viva la mamma’, precisely to evoke atmospheres of the past.
The lyrics are a lively digression on the jealousy of the average Italian, who at the seaside looks at other women but cannot stand other men looking at his. This single ranks among the 20 best-selling records of 1964, confirming the success of a voice and a songwriter, more than of a character, who, thanks to his melodic-romantic vein, was the soundtrack to the entire first half of the 1960s.
Orlando R.

Genre pop

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